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Why Orange Affiliate? Offers the most lucrative promotions and bonuses ensuring best conversion and retention rate for your players.

  • Earn as much as Lifetime 45% of company net winnings.
    Earn as much as Lifetime 45% of company net winnings.
  • Wide range of Products to cater all types of players.
    Wide range of Products to cater all types of players.
  • Real time and detailed report of your player performance anytime and anywhere.
    Real time and detailed report of your player performance anytime and anywhere.
  • Dedicated online Account Managers to support all your needs.
    Dedicated online Account Managers to support all your needs.
  • Prompt Bi-weekly payment and never miss a payout.
    Prompt Bi-weekly payment and never miss a payout.
  • Only program with Affiliate to players fund transfer feature.
    Only program with Affiliate to players fund transfer feature.


Orange Affiliate is the official affiliate program for Orange88.com and your No. 1 partner for success.

  • Live Casino
    Live Casino
  • Slot Games
    Slot Games
  • SportsBook

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Revenue Shares

The commission payout is calculated per product channel based on the Net Revenue of the company from the players you bring in within a month for all channels.

Player Count


Terms & Condition
  1. The campaign period is from  January 1, 2017 (00:00:00) +8GMT to March 31, 2017 (23:59:59) +8GMT.
  2. This is open to all active orange88.com affiliates.
  3. To avail of 1 year 50% revenue share, an affiliate should meet total of 30 new depositors during the campaign period.
  4. 50% revenue share computation will start on April 1, 2017 (00:00:00) once new depositors requirement has been met during the campaign period and will end on March 31, 2018 (23:59:59) +8GMT.
  5. For affiliate who didn’t meet the promotion requirements during the campaign period, they shall be only awarded 45% standard commission.
  6. Revenues are generated from all products (Sports, Casino and Games)
  7. Negative Win/loss will be carried over to next month.
  8. Qualified new depositor are player who
    1. make their initial deposit during the campaign period
    2. are clear of fraudulent activities
    3. are single players each with a unique IP address and account details
  9. In the event of collusion or the use of multiple accounts, the identified player/s will not be counted towards the qualified New Depositor count of the affiliate. The affiliate also risks being expelled from participating in the campaign and forfeits any revenue gained.
  10. Orange88's decision is final in any dispute resolution.
  11. Orange88 reserves the right to amend or terminate this campaign at any time without prior notice.
  12. Orange88 Affiliate Program's Terms and conditions also apply for this activity .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orange88 Affiliate Program?

Orange88 Affiliate Program is  a program where you will earn commissions percentage based on the revenues generated by players that you refer to us from your website via online or offline via referrals.

How Can I join Orange88 Affiliate Program?

Simply fill out our application form and you will  receive an email containing your unique affiliate ID, giving you access to banners, text links, and other content and marketing tools to add to your website(s).

How does Orange88 Program works?

When a visitor to your site clicks a link, banner or any other type of marketing tool that we provide for you, that visitor will go to our site. If the visitor registers and starts playing, then you will earn money from that player for as long as he/she plays at the site. Every time the player makes a deposit and play, you are making money from their losses.

I don’t have a website, can I still open an account?

We recommend you to have your own website to maximize your traffic and visitors, however you can still promote us via offline contacts, social media, keyword search or post your unique tracking link on high traffic sites and re-direct them to our website.

Can the affiliate himself be the player?

Yes. The Affiliate himself can also be player; however, you cannot earn commissions from your own account. If you create a player account as a referral of yourself, your account will be removed from your referral portfolio.

Can an affiliate have more than one account? 

Affiliate shall not have more than one affiliate account, nor shall an Affiliate be allowed to earn commissions on their own or through any related parties

What is the percentage that I can get paid?

Orange88 offers one of the best Affiliate Program commissions available in the Internet Gaming industry today. Our Affiliates can enjoy up to a 45% commission. Find out more here.

How and when will I get paid?

We pay our affiliates on the 15th of every month. Depending on the amount due that month, we will send you the money through wire transfer. 

What is the minimum withdrawal request amount?

The minimum withdrawal request is CNY500. The commission amount which is below CNY500 will be carried to the succeeding payout.

Do you carry over negatve balance?

Yes, we rollover negative commission balances. In the event that you carry a negative commission balance at the end of a month, it will be rollover until you have enough positive earnings to zero that balance out.

How can I track my players' performance and their generated revenue?

We provide online stats for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Login to your secured affiliate account to see how much you've earned and other relevant stats of your players.

Do you reward the First Affiliate or Last Affiliate for referring a customer?

The cookies are overwritten to benefit the Last Affiliate when a Customer is referred.

Where do I get banners and content for my website?

Orange88 will provide you with all the necessary banners you need to promote our casino brands. You can find all the banners once you logged in your Affiliate account under media management section.

How secure is my account information

Your personal information with Orange88 program is absolutely confidential and strictly prohibited from selling or making available to others.

I haven't received any e-mail from Orange88 Affiliates Team. What should I do?

Please contact us at aff@orange88.com

Contact Us

You can write to our Affiliate Manager at aff@orange88.com Alternatively, if you need an answer instantly then you can contact us directly via our livechat support.

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  • QQ:3022664840
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